Capital Markets & Securities

Capital MarketIn the history of the Indonesian Capital Market, security trading started in the early 19th century; but the stock exchange was opened later in 1912 as a branch office of the Amsterdam Stock Exchange.  The Capital Market in Batavia,  today named Jakarta, is the fourth oldest in Asia after the market in Bombay, Hong Kong and Tokyo. The Stock Market in Surabaya and Semarang was opened in 1925. 

The height of World War II in 1940 put a freeze on all securities trading in Batavia, Surabaya and Semarang until in 1952, the new Independent Government of Indonesia reopened the market as a Capital and Money Market (Pasar Uang Modal), after Indonesia gained its independence in 1945 from the Dutch Colonial rule. However, it was not until 1987 during the Suharto administration who began liberalizing the capital market and banking industry and further encouraged Indonesian company to utilize the capital market as means for obtaining funds, working capital and as a means for investment.

In 1995, the government further issued Capital Market Law No. 8 of 1995 which cemented the role of the capital market as a means for companies to obtain funds from investors for business expansion, additional working capital. Capital market also served as a medium for people to invest and trade in financial instruments such as stocks and bonds.

Since 2002,  Melli Darsa & Co Securities and Capital Market Practice has represented Multinational  Company and Indonesian company in numerous high profile debt/equity offerings and private placements by Indonesian blue chip companies, as counsel to the issuer or the underwriters. We are considered the "Go-To-Firm" for Capital Markets & Securities in Indonesia and  we are proud to be recognized as a top tier Firm in Securities and Capital Market in Indonesia by our clients and peers since the beginning of the firm. 

We provide counsel to clients in the preparation of offering circulars, prospectuses, registration statements and various reports filed with Bapepam & LK, the Indonesian Capital Markets & Financial Institution Supervisory Agency.  In addition to conducting legal due diligence, preparing and advising on underwriting and trustee agreements, and other documents related to capital markets and securities transactions, we also advise on corporate actions regulated by Bapepam & LK, such as conflict of interest transactions and material transactions.

Our lawyers are well-versed in advising on global and domestic ESOPs and MSOPs, as well as in the setting of Indonesian mutual funds (reksadana). We have consistently been chosen as the firm of choice by a number of international investment banks in capital markets & securities issues which looks for itself and its clients, for a firm that has a solid track record for being able to handle international aspects capital market transactions and work seamlessly with other global firms specializing in securities work.