Litigation & Dispute Resolution

LitigationNew to MDC but a familiar and experienced attorney in the court room, that is our Litigation and Dispute Resolution Team. Litigation and dispute resolution is a relatively  new practice area in our firm, but our litigation attorneys are no strangers to courtroom battle.  Our team has practice experience spanning more than 25 years of legal experience.  As experience trial attorney, our team knows how to prepare to win court battle and our team also understands that each case is different. What also sets us apart is our dedication to provide cost effective, familiar and personal service combined with a breadth of experience coupled with integrity and an extensive technical expertise.

We also understand most commercial and private clients would prefer to resolve any dispute without resorting to litigation and at minimum expense.  We are not only here to assist clients  to resolve any legal issues that may be encountered but we also ensure our client understand all options throughout every step of the process.  We explore other methods of dispute resolutions and litigate only when appropriate.  

Our knowledge in the industry and familiarity of the business and competitive market enables our team to structure a risk management strategy to meet clients’ need in given situations and avoid many disputes altogether.  We seek to work with our clients throughout the running of a dispute by being proactive and keeping the client involved. Indeed we encourage early resolution of disputes by the use of mediation and direct negotiation.  Nevertheless, if a matter is to be litigated we agree on a strategy with client, devote the resources and vigorously pursue the outcome.